We firmly believe in taking the time to get to know your business, understand what equals success for you, and deliver a service which adds value to your bottom line. Our focus is to offer to you with a return on investment, using a ‘strategy first’ approach. We specialise in brand strategy and identity creation.



Word on the Street



Make It Pop. Bring visibility to your business. 

. Logo design
. Brand guide
. Business systems & Stationery



print DESIGN

Propel your brand

. Business card

. Letterhead
. Presentation folder
. Product label
. Newsletter
. Brochures



Web design

Show your business to the world


. Web design & development
. Social media graphics

. Facebook Cover




. Social media marketing

. Content creation
. Campaign management
. Email campaigns

. Data analysis & implementation



Lucienne Condé

Fernanda is an exceptional designer and has brought to life our long-awaited brand of perfumes. I had no doubt she would be the ideal person for this great and new challenge; Fernanda has always been focused, studious, attentive to details and very agile. The return of the audience was impressive, the compliments to the whole visual identity were unanimous. Our job has been going on for 6 months and it's a great pleasure to have her onboard.


Marilia Koury

When I started with Cooking Therapy, I had a dream, a fluid image in my mind of how I wanted this project, of what I wanted to pass on to people. It was only a conversation with Fernanda. She plunged into the depths of my self and translated, including what I did not even say, into a beautiful brand. It was I expressed visually on paper. Do you want to know if I like it? I tattooed my body with the logo!


Paula Nogueira

Fernanda was very attentive and kind since the first contact. We establish some directions and ideas to move on and discussed during all process. I love the results and the way until the final marketing parts. I do recommend Watermelon as a partner for ideas, trends and client's perceptions.


Anabelle Rocha

Fernanda is a true artist! She has many references and is an inspired design and attentive to what the customer needs. Her creativity will always be remembered because the design of my brand is praised by all. Let my gratitude be noted here for her efforts!


Fabiola Machado

Fernanda made the logo of my law firm, and it was beautiful and classic. I highly recommend her work. Fernanda has the sensitivity to capture and interpret the client's wishes. Thank you always!


Andi Hulse

Fernanda is a true artist and designer. She not only brought my business to life but she gave me a fresh lease on life through inspiring, motivating and encouraging me.

Over the past year, she has worked across a variety of projects for me, that included branding of 3 business ventures, logo creation, web design and print (e-books and templates). She has brought my ideas and concepts to life and has been a major contributor to the successful launch of Brave Women Thrive. Not only did she design the logos, website and other marketing material, she also pulled more creative tricks out of her hat that included our slogan "You Matter, Share Your Story."

If you want to have a successful brand and business story to share with the world, you need to partner with Fernanda. She is your key to opening the door of infinite possibilities for your business. ♥